Engineering & Design

Fast Building Contracting’s engineering expertise includes traditional disciplines, architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumping, and structural engineering; as well as advanced specialties, including simulation and interactive 3D and 4D modeling.

Fast Building Contracting integrates engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance (EPFCM), and project management. The project design process incorporates early involvement of construction and commissioning expertise, to ensure projects are designed to be constructed and operated in the most efficient manner.
Fast Building Contracting’s goal for all projects is to produce a facility that meets the Clients’ objectives for throughput capacity and quality of product. The detailed engineering and design phase is a key step in a capital project. Fast Building Contracting develops plans to ensure that the designs reflect Client requirements and facilitate construction of facilities that meet our Clients’ strategic objectives.
Fast Building Contracting performs design reviews at key stages to ensure consistent, efficient focus on the Client’s project deliverables throughout the design process.
Design reviews for projects include Constructibility, Maintainability, and Operability (CMO) and Value Engineering Reviews
Which focus on:


The reviews for constructibility highlight any construction approach issues in the design, to optimize the project’s quality, safety, capital cost, and construction schedule. Maintainability and operability input is provided by the Client. Client expectations and requirements are established during the Client Alignment session.


The review for maintainability addresses issues during a project’s design phase associated with completing expected maintenance tasks, including reliability and maintenance considerations into the design basis; establishment of processes to ensure plant design minimizes impacts associated with maintenance; and pre start maintenance planning.


This review, similar to maintainability, focuses on minimizing post-startup life cycle costs of a plant and addresses plant operation, logistics, and support issues appropriate during a project’s design phases.

Value Engineering

Fast Building Contracting applies value engineering to projects at all levels of project execution. Value engineering reviews use proven techniques at multiple design phases, with the primary objective of reducing cost without compromising project quality.

All of Fast Building Contracting’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects are construction driven. Fast Building Contracting ensures there is a smooth transition from the process development and optimization-driven execution defined by the study phases, to a construction and start-up-driven execution platform defined by an EPC phase.